My treatments vary from soft and flexible to firm and resolute, depending on your body’s needs. I aim to bring back the relaxation of all the muscles in your body and contribute to your mental peace and physical recovery.


Welcome to Rebalance

At Rebalance we focus on releasing the blockages of a person with a series of different techniques
The stress of daily life, especially in a city can have a negative effect on your body, even without you knowing it.

At Rebalance we offer you a slightly different approach with the guidance of a qualified professional and set in a private secluded environment, we allow our clients to relax to
their fullest and release any tension that has been building up over time.

With a popular range of massages and therapies to choose from, we are sure we can help assist you with making you feel right again.
Based in the city center of Amstedam at Da Costakade 136. We are open to All clients local or simply traveling through.

Our treatments vary from soft and flexible to firm and resolute.

About Rebalance Massage

My name is Sander Hoeksma, and I am the founder of Rebalance Massage Praktijk. I give professional and holistic massage therapy, based on healing people from their emotional stress, trauma, and blockages. My aim is to help people through the power of touch whilst to be present and aware of their own body and health.

My journey began in this field 16 years ago when I met a Māori healer and he opened my mind to body energy. I had suffered some loss and was grieving, but unware of it. He explained to me that my energy stream was blocked by my suppressed trauma. I spent time with him and saw the true power of his therapy technique which deeply inspired me to combine this with my medical knowledge to help release pain in others.

Before my encounter with the Māori, I had a passion for the human anatomy and started studying physiotherapy. I immersed myself in certain specifications next to my study and obtained multiple diplomas (sport massage, personal trainer, fitness trainer and Pilates trainer) and certificates (trigger point therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation) to broaden my knowledge even further. This led me to create my own practice, Rebalance.

Rebalance stands for back to balance without distress or overuse. I’ll keep it plain, clear, and down to earth. At Rebalance, you can lay down and relax while I guide you to your own personal equilibrium.

When making an appointment, we will start off with an introduction where I will ask about your relevant medical history to ensure a safe and productive treatment. Next, we will decide together what steps are best to help you on your journey to feel whole again.

Massage types


Makes you feel at ease

This massage is aimed to make you as relaxed as possible and released from pain or trauma. A refined set of massage techniques helps your body experience a calm state and bring a deep level of relaxation. The Rebalance massage has the gentle power of recharging and reconnecting between the heart and head. During this treatment, there will also be a focus on identifying and reducing any pain points so you will feel more in balance.

It is good for blood flow, eliminating any waste product that doesn’t belong in the body which also helps to improve the digestive process. Finally, it helps you soothe the mind.


Long and deep massage movements to break down muscle adhesions

This type of massage is practiced with long stroking movements and deep pressure points is directed towards the connective tissue level around the muscles. This technique requires skillfully executed examination of all the muscles in search of unevenness in the tissue.

The development of connective tissue in the body is a continuous process which sometimes needs extra attention. By massaging it regularly, space is created between the tissue and the muscle, which allows the muscles to maneuver more smoothly.


Reviving the muscles by releasing tension

A reviving and firm massage targeted to improve blood circulation of the muscles and aid in dissolving bodily waste products more easily. It also improves the recovery of the muscles and prevents injuries from happening.

This type of massage is well suited for active people, especially if the muscles experience a lot of stress and have been overburdened.


Pushing out the knots to relieve your stress

A fast and extremely effective method for the treatment of tensed and overworked muscles as well as adhesions around the muscles. Trigger points can be located in every part of the body, but the most common places are around the shoulder blades and neck regions. This type of massage pushes the trigger points out by means of deep tissue massage and myofascial release. If necessary, a trigger point pen made from medical steel can be used to target the knots.

This type of massage is ideal for people who have a sitting profession with long hours behind a computer screen.


Restores the flow of your own energy

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian healing full body massage which was passed on from generation to generation. The technique reflects the rhythmic movement of the waves of the ocean, trying to restore the flow of your own unique energy. With this massage you can dive deep into the process of letting go to help release blockages and give your energy a new direction.

Lomi Lomi has beautiful, long, fluent, flowing movements over the full length of your body with soft, but effective massage strokes. I use warm high quality natural almond oil. If you feel stressed, have trouble connecting with yourself, feel sad or the need to take some you time, Lomi Lomi is the ‘embrace’ your body just might need.

"Very good massage and Sander is very kind"

Michael Doe, Customer

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